Build Your vSphere Home Lab




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How to Build a VMware vSphere 6.x Home Lab

Author: John Hales

Learn how to build a home lab for VMware vSphere 6.x to reproduce the training environment and run course labs.


I often get asked by my students how to (relatively) inexpensively set a VMware vSphere home lab for study after class, and the result is this white paper. When specific vendors are mentioned, it is not an endorsement, but rather an example of something that meets the recommended specifications. This white paper is broken down into three major sections; the first and most detailed is about the hardware required, the second is about the VMware Workstation configuration, and the third is about installing vSphere 6.x and vCenter (vC) 6.x. Note that this white paper is not intended to be an in-depth review of how to install and configure vSphere as that is taught in the VMware classes and a VMware class is required for certification.