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How to Build a Pluggable IoT Pipeline in AWS

Author: Rich Morrow

In order to build an end-to-end, low-cost, highly-scalable and yet still pluggable (you can swap out various pieces) IoT Pipeline in AWS, you’ll need to follow AWS’ guidance to plan, deploy and optimize. Plan, the toughest of the three phases, is the focus of this white paper.

As far as modern architectures go, there are few more complicated than an IoT pipeline. You’ve got to consider an ingestion layer (typically streaming) that may undergo manic load. You’ve got to think of data tagging, storage (probably across multiple engines), archival and access—both internal and external. And all of it has to scale like crazy, be as cost effective as possible, and use automation wherever it can. Oh, and your boss needs the IoT pipeline built by tomorrow.

Short timelines? Tight budget? Unrealistic expectations? Unfortunately, these asks are realities for many cloud professionals. AWS knows this and is here to help.